Video—The RCMP and Justice Canada work well with foreign law enforcement to support criminal investigations that affect Canadians

Audit at a Glance—Support for Combatting Transnational Crime
(Chapter 2—Fall 2014 Report of the Auditor General of Canada)

Video Transcript

In our audit of the RCMP Liaison Officer Program, we found that overall, this program works well to support Canadian law enforcement in combatting transnational crime.

Liaison officers are well-qualified and develop good productive working relationships with foreign law enforcement agencies.

There are some opportunities for improvement.

For example, the RCMP has not assessed the Liaison Officer Program to ensure the best use of its limited resources.

We also found that in general, the RCMP could not access information on Canadians arrested, charged, convicted and released from prison abroad.

Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development Canada and the RCMP need to work together to identify any additional information that can be shared legally.